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Tripp Lite Surge Protector Power Strip 120V 6 Outlet 2' Cord 180 Joule
$9.99 Best Price: Walmart $6.90

Rating: (24)

Product Description

  • 180 joule rating
  • 6 outlets / 2-ft. cord


Brand: Tripp Lite
Model Number: TLP602
UPC: 037332095404
MSRP $9.99
Stock: Available
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the product strip connector. By Joellie
This product is very handy when you require extra plugs to be connected, it serves it's purpose to provide the appliances to be plugged in.It is definitely as good source for keeping your appliances plugged in and not problems with over loading that could cause an electrical fire. These strips are greatly made to provide current for the used electric but the wiring needs to be checked to prevent fires,be safe and cautious too.

By bargun
Indicator light, good heavy cord for 15 amps, easy reset and built in Circuit Breaker, the right size for my application.

Excellent Item For the Price By SunshineGirls
Good product. The cord is a little short at only 2 feet but for the price we paid I can't complain. We've used Tripp products for years and always found them to be reliable in our century-old home with one or two outlets in each room. One word of caution: Do not plug a portable space heater into a surge protector - it can overheat the strip and cause a fire.

Good buy By Jorge
Great price, good protection

Very happy with Product. Perfect costing with grea By RAVS
Very happy with Product. Perfect costing with great service