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VXi 203100 BlueParrott B250XT+ Headset
$126.36 Best Price: Walmart $79.99

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Product Description

VXi 203100 BlueParrott B250XT+ Headset:Xtreme Noise Suppression, plus wind suppression technologyWideband audio and a wide range of volume adjustmentsA2DP support for a better music streaming experienceMore than 20 hours of talk time66' range128-bit data encryption keeps your cell phone conversations privateOver-the-head design is incredibly stableVoice prompts announce low battery, out of range, paired/not paired status and moreOne-touch multi-function button controls on/off, call answer/end and pairingRoadworthy durability stands up to every day, real world useIncludes DC and AC adapter charging cords


Brand: BlueParrott
Model Number: 203100
UPC: 607972031003
MSRP $126.36
Stock: fNot available
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Works in my Jeep...and if it works there.... By mccgsm
I picked this up after I accidentally left my earlier model at a place that is now under six feet of snow.... It is an improvement over the earlier ones--connects more quickly and uses voice cues rather than beeps. These work very well--in fact, I tried two earpiece style headsets before I found Blue Parrot--in noisy environments like my Jeep. They are very effective on sound cancelling and the padded earpiece is almost as good--can reliably hear even with doors or top off. That said, this is not Bose sound quality, but very servicable and again...better than any other earpiece model I used. Plenty sturdy, good battery life. And I'll use it in the office when I'm using my cell phone a lot--better than holding the wretched little IPhone, or trying to cradle it against my shoulder!

By TruckguyinOhio
During a call, I occasionally hear some "echoing" or some "tinny" audio in the earpiece. This headset was recommended by many of my fellow truck drivers. I am in some extremely noisy places for deliveries and pickups and could almost never hear my phone ring. Even if I did and answered the call the person that called me would not be able to hear because of the noise. Now, while wearing the headset, it's no longer a problem. What's really great - the person you're talking to doesn't hear anything but your voice. It's light and comfortable for me to wear all day long. I purchased the "plus" model because it can play audio from your phone, Siri, iTunes, Pandora etc. . Surprisingly, it was a little less expensive than the BC250XT (the predecessor to the "+" model). I made this purchase on the WalMart website. I ordered late on a Wednesday night and got an e-mail early Friday evening that it was available for pickup at the store. A little less tan 2 days for shipping - I'm impressed.

A Wise Buy By Cushla
I am a truck driver and whether in or out of the truck there is always background noise going on. The blue parrot is my 5th bluetooth. The previous ones were all top of the line brands and none of them can compare to the blue parrot when is comes to clear voice sound and cancelling out the background noise. It took me awhile to purchase the blue parrot because I did not want to wear the head gear, however, I am glad I changed my mind. It is the head gear that gives it the stablility needed to keep it steady which is very necessary driving a big truck. All the other's were not as secure on, or, in my ear which caused vibrations in voice. How the blue parrot cancels out the background noise when all others didn't is a mystery to me, but it does. It holds a charge longer then any I had before and is easy to connect and to operate. I would recommend the blue parrot to all who haven't found the right bluetooth yet and I think it's a necessity for the 18 wheeler truck drivers.

u get wat u pay for, worth every penny! By Bacon262
Exceeded my expectations. I cruise along at about 65 mph with the window down, & my wife has to ask me if im still there ( on the phone). This unit cancels out all background noise. If u dont talk the other person wouldnt know if ur there or not. Take it from me, my rig is loud and makes all kinds of noises. I have tried other units and couldnt hear the other person & they couldnt hear me, because of the noise on my end, but this unit does the job & then some. i talk alot when i drive, & the battery life is exceptional. If there are any negatives, i have yet to see it. Hey driver, be safe, go hands free, dont risk your life or your licenses trying to hold that phone. This unit does exactly what it says it does & its worth the money, b safe.

Great Headset By Driverpersonnel
I work out of my house, recruiting truck drivers so I knew about these headsets for awhile, but tried all the other one's before I finally found this one on Wal-Mart's website for a good price. It was under $100 and does just what I need it to. I can have the TV or Radio on in the back ground and no one can hear it but me. I go up to the store and drive with my window down I can still talk to drivers, and they don't hear any back ground noise at all. The only thing I don't like about it, is its so large I don't/won't wear into a store. But around the home office it is great. If I had to keep a call going I would wear it in somewhere but, I'm still a little vain for some reason. It does just what it needs to do and is well worth the money, it was supposed to be delivered on Thursday it ends up coming to my door Tuesday, it was two days early, that was an added bonus for sure! So if you are driver or anyone for that matter that has tried all the other headsets, get this one and come thru load and clear...