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SAMSUNG 58" Class 4K (2160P) Ultra HD Smart LED TV UN58MU6070
$649.99 Best Price: Walmart $488.00

Rating: (26)

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SAMSUNG 58" Class 4K (2160P) Ultra HD Smart LED TV (UN58MU6070)


Brand: Samsung
Model Number: UN58MU6070EXZA
UPC: 887276296616
MSRP $649.99
Stock: Available
Overall Rating:


By Andrew
Tv was broken

Disappointed By Red
Disappointed after being so excited to get the next generation of hdtv. Being Samsung and a 4K tv I was expecting to be blown away by impressive graphic clarity, but unfortunately I feel like the rest of my TVs and even my projector present a better picture quality than this tv. My 10+ year old Sony Bravia seems to far exceed this tv and even my lowly $300 hiscense has more plugins and features. When watching movies the picture is either grainy/splotchy/smeary or ultra sharp and jittery like its skipping frames. I’ve tried all the settings and different media with no real differences. I give this a 3 stars because it’s still a good value for $500 and seems to play games pretty well.

Can NOT delete preinstalled APPS. Pluse botoom 2/3s of picture is taken up by NEW RELEASES FOR RENTAL ADVERTISEMETS and APPS. Very annoying as one would hope to see their TV SHOW. MR120 remote is not intuititve and results in lots of wrong buttons binging pused. I would return to store if I had not already set-up with expectations of full screen TV upon starts up and easy to use remoted. NOTE. Be sure to download the 134 page manual from SAMSUNG website to be able to begin your docotorate in how to get this thing to do things like delete ALL preinstalled apps and then figuring out how to ad back just the APPS you want. Be sure to check out how various functions work IN STORE PRIOR to buying . DO NO BUY WITHOUT HAVING SEEN HOW COMPLICATED OPERATING TV IS.

By Big
I have what one the picture was so beautiful I had to go back and get another one so now I have to 58 in Samsung and I just relax and watch my boob tube have one in the living room and one in the bedroom perfect

Awesome Tv..... By Mike
Awesome tv ! The remote will even control your firestick once its attached to an hdmi port. The picture is great, it took us a few days to get use to because the resolution looks so realistic and almost looks 3d. This is definitely the best TV that we have ever owned by far and we really love Samsung products anyway. We have owned smart TV's before in the past but nothing even came close to the quality and features of this one. The only con that I can think of is that the remote is a little slippery in your hand when you are one handing it and trying to push buttons. I am looking for the same model in a smaller size for my bedroom as well. Highly recommended :-)