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Do you own a local business and looking to grow your client base? Or do you own an advertising agency and looking to offer premier service to your client to grow their business and revenue? If you answered yes – keep reading to learn more about our Local Coupon Formula review.

Overview of Local Coupon Formula

Local Coupon Formula Review

The biggest challenge facing local businesses today is the best way to grow your customer base and sales without breaking the bank. Did you know 85% of consumers today will search for a coupon or discount code prior to making a purchase? This is why coupons have become the #1 secret weapon for growing business.

Coupons are often part of a new product launch as it’s a ideal way to introduce a new product and offers an incentive for consumers to try the product for the first time at a discounted rate. However, unless your experienced in new product launches or the marketing vertical, this can often be overlooked for a new business.

This is where Local Coupon Formula comes into play to help business owners and marketing agencies who are not familiar with best practices and how to make coupons successful.


Quick Details of Local Coupon Formula

  • Creator: Ivana Bosnjak
  • Released: May 20, 2019
  • Price: $15
  • Official Product Page: https://localcouponformula.com

What is Local Coupon Formula?

Local Coupon Formula is a newly launched step-by-step course that walks you through how to generate paying customers for local clients by using ‘Set and Forget’ Online Coupon. This easy to understand course is an excellent solution for new business owners in just about any industry to attract new customers. For marketing agencies it provides the tools you need to offer clients a consistent stream of new customers and help you build reoccurring revenue from this “set it and forget it” service.

Top Benefits of Local Coupon Formula

  • Automatically works 24/7 to bring in new customers for your client and since it’s on autopilot it’s truly passive income for you.
  • Works instantly! Unlike SEO and website optimization, you and your clients will see new customers coming through their doors within a matter of days.
  • No selling or cold calling to gain customers
  • No technical experience or website needed. You just need an internet connection to get started.
  • No fulfillment or follow-up after the simple 10 minute set up
  • Risk free with 14 day money back guarantee

About Local Coupon Formula

Local Coupon Formula is a comprehensive new course that layouts the framework and process for how to generate the 10 minute ‘set and forget’ online coupon system that you can turn into paying customers for local clients. This course is for both business owners of local companies as well as marketers who can offer this value add lead generation service for their clients. The tool shows you how to attract new local business customers. The course is broken into 4 modules that cover:

  1. The Opportunity: In this first module, you will learn step by step how to build coupon style ads on Facebook for local businesses, leverage less known options within Facebook and the two different fee structures making sure your new clients happily pay you. Specifics include:
    1. How to approach the Local Formula course
    2. How to build coupon style ads for local businesses
    3. How to leverage hidden options within Facebook that allow you to create genuine ‘set and forget ads’
    4. How you can cash in by solving a big problem for all local businesses (customer generation)
    5. The two fee structures that are sure-fire ways of making sure your new clients happily pay you, each and every month
  2. Finding Clients: In the second module you will learn the step by step strategies and tactics on how to get local business clients aware and interested in your new service. By the end of this module you will know exactly where to find the perfect clients that will benefit the most from a local coupon source to generate a consistent lead source. Specifics include:
    1. Learn the easy, step by step strategies on how to get local business clients interested in your new service
    2. Exactly where to find the perfect clients that are desperate for your local coupon service
    3. And additional hidden source of small business open to your new service
  3. How To Close Clients: Within this module you will discover the precise questions to ask that lead to an easy close. Plus discover the two proven closes that make business owners want to work with you. Additionally, you will be provided with a step-by-step structured presentation to close appointments quickly and easily. Specifics include:
    1. The exact four questions to ask that lead to an easy close – perfect for people who hate selling!
    2. Two proven closes that make business owners want to sign up to your new Local Coupon service today
    3. Complete step by step structured presentation to close your first appointment
    4. How to demonstrate the powerful impact you are having on a client’s business so they happily retain your service and keep paying month after month
  4. Deliver The Service: In the final module, you will learn how to manage the entire Local Coupon program and set up your first online Local Coupon. It will also cover best practices, what visual images along with copy work best. This is a comprehensive module that also covers pitfalls and what to avoid. Following the step by step process will quickly begin generating success. Specifics Include:
    1. How to manage the entire Local Coupon program with simple steps that take just minutes to complete
    2. Step by step setting up of your first online Local Coupon
    3. Proven example Local Coupon offers, as well as where to go to find new ideas
    4. Exactly what images and content work or Local Coupons and what to avoid

Why We Recommend Local Coupon Formula

As a marketing professional I am always researching and looking for new ways to maximize social media and generate new lead sources for my clients. This course uncovered new avenues I have not yet explored. After going through the entire course, I pitched this service to three of my local clients who signed on today!  The course has a money back guarantee which makes it no risk!

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